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We are a clinical hypnotherapy/coaching/mentoring practice based in the Berwick, Officer and Pakenham areas (south east of Melbourne) and dedicated to helping and empowering those who seek to remove obstacles and blocks to a happier healthier and more fulfilled life


Smart Thinking is an accredited member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapists, as well as being registered on the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia.


All areas of life can benefit from hypnosis, and, by talking with us about your objectives, and being open to the benefits of hypnotherapy, you can turn your life around for a better future.

For the purposes of hypnotherapy, hypnosis may be understood as a state of focused attention to enable a direct conversation with the subconscious through which an agreed objective(s) between the therapist and client can be achieved. Weight reduction, relief from anxiety, pain relief, and quit smoking etc; would be typical of the more common conditions for which hypnotherapy is utilised.
Hypnotherapy is an effective, physically non invasive way of tapping into the sub conscious mind, where many of life’s negative habits are first established, usually following an initial misinterpretation of a particular situation or experience.

Smart Thinking are pleased to promote our association with the
Cardinia Ostepathic Clinic, Suite 7, 11 John Street, Pakenham, Victoria 3810.
Tel:- (03) 5940 3036

I was suffering from apathy and was concerned about my poor eating habits. Things I noticed after a program of hypnotherapy. 1. I became interested in exercise and found an exercise program I liked. 2. I was surprised that I was able to stick to the exercise program and actually looked forward to it. 3. I began to think more clearly and was able to keep my home in order without any real efforts, when previously it had been such hard work. 4. I had the energy to do gardening, and to face things that I had been neglecting, like tidying my garage. 5. But the biggest change was that I went from feeling I had no worth to realising I had great potential.
After the breakup of a long abusive marriage, I was left with no self- esteem and zero desire to live. For 8 years I sought help from counsellors, a psychologist, a chiropractor, and a kinesiologist, all of which greatly helped me to deal with my daily struggle, but my desire to live was still zero. Then I stumbled upon hypnotherapy and booked in for a session. It’s been 2 months since I commenced therapy and last week I suddenly regained my desire to live. Thank you, Anthony!
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