What is Hypnotherapy?

Most people don’t realize that, the subconscious mind is not programmed to determine the truth or otherwise of the data it receives, or indeed, even if such data is actually real. For instance; although the conscious analytical brain understands and agrees, that smoking is a dangerous, unhealthy and expensive habit; the subconscious makes no such judgment, and therefore continues to promote that which it has been trained (programmed) to accept by repetition over a prolonged period of habit forming smoking. Such embedded behavior is why many people, although on a rational conscious analytical level wishing to quit, will often give into that nagging little voice urging them to have “just one more smoke” or “I’ll give up tomorrow” attitude, because the subconscious doesn’t wants to easily give up that habit it’s been so “lovingly nurtured’ and trained to recognize and automatically respond to.

The objective of hypnotherapy therefore is to align the clients’ subconscious thoughts with those of their analytical conscious mind to achieve the desired objective and thus the conscious and unconscious minds are supporting each other, and so to speak, singing from the same hymn sheet, to bring in to being those changes requested by the client.