Why Hypnotherapy?

Although, negative thought patterns and habits can and do emanate from a single life experience, more often, it’s due to being repeatedly told, either by others, or even by ourselves, that a particular proposition must be ok or true, which of course, is not necessarily the case at all.

As an example of installing subconscious thinking; when we first learn to drive or carry out some other complex task, it’s only after very many repetitions and practice, that the skill is suddenly and imperceptibly mastered and absorbed, without need of a conscious thought. Our responses are so well programmed into the subconscious, that the whole process becomes automatic or second nature to us.

And so it is, that all behaviors and habits, both positive and negative, good and bad are imprinted deep within the subconscious mind, to such an extent, that, on a day to day basis, their controlling influence over our actions doesn’t even register

However, whilst the seat of unwanted and negative habits, feelings and emotions reside in the subconscious, like an unruly and unwanted tenant who pays no rent; it’s a paradox of nature, that the very same subconscious mind, also possesses an astonishing reservoir of unrecognized and thus untapped knowledge and power with which to kick out the freeloading tenant to change lives for the better.

Fortunately, new cutting edge hypnotherapeutic techniques are now available to challenge and disrupt unhelpful patterns of negative thought, and replace them with new ways of thinking.
Just remember – ‘YOU ARE WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU ARE;’ so you need to be “Smart Thinking” in the way we handle life’s unwanted negative habits.