Can’t live with it; but can’t live without it!

Stress and anxiety are a necessary part of our ability to function on a day to day basis. A little bit of stress or angst at the right moment and at the right level, can be just what we need to spur us onto better and greater achievements.

However, problems can start to occur if we unwittingly misread or mismatch an event or situation, prompting the unconscious imagination to respond inappropriately to the circumstances by initiating a primordial fight, flight or freeze signal to the body.

The unconscious mind is finely attuned to respond to threats and dangers, and fight, flight or freeze responses are entirely appropriate and necessary if we’re being stalked by a lion in the jungle, or there’s a large truck bearing down on us as we cross the highway. However, such reactions are not helpful whilst relaxing at home, or on a night out with friends.

Unwarranted anxiety signals manifest as increased heart rate and breathing, sweating, inertia, feelings of nausea etc; which in some people can be debilitating.

Using hypnotherapy to address stress and anxiety, we talk directly to the unconscious mind to reframe the initiating incident thus causing it to lose potency and its corresponding ability to trigger any unwanted responses.

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