After the breakup of a long abusive marriage, I was left with no self- esteem and zero desire to live. For 8 years I sought help from counsellors, a psychologist, a chiropractor, and a kinesiologist, all of which greatly helped me to deal with my daily struggle, but my desire to live was still zero. Then I stumbled upon hypnotherapy and booked in for a session. It’s been 2 months since I commenced therapy and last week I suddenly regained my desire to live. Thank you, Anthony!


I was suffering from apathy and was concerned about my poor eating habits.

Things I noticed after a program of hypnotherapy.

  1. I became interested in exercise and found an exercise program I liked.
  2. I was surprised that I was able to stick to the exercise program and actually looked forward to it.
  3. I began to think more clearly and was able to keep my home in order without any real efforts, when previously it had been such hard work.
  4. I had the energy to do gardening, and to face things that I had been neglecting, like tidying my garage.
  5. But the biggest change was that I went from feeling I had no worth to realising I had great potential.