Hypnotherapy may be understood as a state of focused attention to facilitate a direct conversation with the un-conscious mind, to achieve an objective(s) agreed between the client and therapist.

Weight Reduction including Virtual Gastric Banding (VGB), Stress and Anxiety relief, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Pain Relief and Quit Smoking etc; being typical of the more common conditions for which hypnotherapy can be effectively and successfully utilised.

Many other issues including the following also respond well to hypnotherapy:-

·         Accelerated Learning ·         Interview Preparation
·         Addictions ·         Negativity
·         Alcohol Control ·         Obsessive Disorders
·         Allergies ·         Performance Anxiety
·         Assertiveness ·         Phobias/Fears
·         Bereavement/Loss ·         Public Speaking
·         Breaking Habits ·         Self Esteem
·         Confidence ·         Sexual/Reproductive Issues
·         Creativity ·         Sleep Disturbance
·         Depression ·         Stress/Relaxation
·         Emotional Issues ·         Sports Performance
·         Indecision Stress ·         And More …..

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Why Hypnotherapy?

Because hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, generally rapid and effective way of tapping into the un-conscious mind, where life’s negative beliefs and misconceptions reside following an initial misunderstanding of a particular life event.